Dolphin Rock

Dolphin Rock Fantasy Print

Dolphin Rock 
© Sharon George 2011
Winner: Honorable Mention- 2005
San Diego County Fair – Electronic Arts Show

This angel illustration was originally created for Dr. Doreen Virtue, for an oracle deck.

Treat yourself to a detail of the image

Dolphin is the creature that controls its breath; thereby entering the Divine Manna for a swim. Dolphin is a master of rhythm, streaming effortlessly through the waves of life, tingling with ecstatic joy. When Dolphin appears before you, perhaps it’s telling you to take stock of your physical and mental being, breathe as a master, and enjoy that next leap ahead. As you control your breathing, you easily commune with the Great Spirit that permeates every atom of your existence.  Such communion enables all good fortune to flow to you. Dolphin lives this, and shares this teaching with love.